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The SouthPark Forward 2035 Vision Plan offers bold recommendations and an action plan to implement them—driving SouthPark forward so it pays dividends for all.

The plan is a blueprint for a more walkable and energetic SouthPark, a tool to inspire and shape future investment in SouthPark’s commercial core. 

Anchored in the community’s values and aspirations, the plan lays out big ideas that business, government, and public-private partnerships can execute by 2035. SouthPark Community Partners will use this plan to spark conversations about shared progress and to lead projects and programs that take SouthPark into the future.

Places: Play & Learn on Cameron Valley Parkway
Places: Venture on Fairview Road
Connections: SouthPark Loop
Places: Venture on Fairview Road
Places: Gather on Carnegie Boulevard

Explore the Plan:

The recommendations in this plan are organized into three key themes: Places, Connections, and Mobility.

These thematic areas represent the greatest opportunities to affect transformational change in SouthPark—and they reflect the top priorities articulated by the community throughout the planning process.

How We Got Here:

The recommendations in this plan were developed following a review of prior SouthPark studies, robust technical analysis, and several months of public engagement.

Key themes that emerged from this work include a desire for enhanced walkability; a park-once environment; active, high-quality public space; and a clean, safe, and beautiful destination.

Why it is needed:

SouthPark has a 50-year legacy of success, thanks to visionary leadership and strategic investment that led it to become a regional destination and thriving economic center, enveloped by some of Charlotte’s best neighborhoods. Today, SouthPark’s commercial core is evolving from a suburban collection of shopping centers to a more urban, walkable, mixed-use district that serves a variety of stakeholders.

SouthPark’s future vibrancy depends on its continued ability to attract investment, jobs, and talent.

To remain competitive, our community must be intentional about SouthPark’s next chapter, leveraging public and private investment to advance a comprehensive vision that benefits our entire community.

Action Plan:

SouthPark Community Partners has committed $1 million toward Vision Plan projects over the next 3 years.

This plan was created as a tool the public and private sectors should use to shape future investment in SouthPark. The more than six dozen recommended projects and programs included within this framework are intended to spark conversation, new ideas, and a shared commitment to excellence.

Download the full SouthPark Forward 2035 Vision Plan to see the full action plan.

Interested in bringing this vision to life? Get in touch with our team.