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The Loop

A neighborhood-defining asset born from the needs of the community and designed by the City of Charlotte.

Introducing The Loop

As SouthPark has evolved into a highly desirable urban district nestled in a suburban area, the need for a vibrant, inclusive community center has emerged.

Connecting SouthPark's Experiences

The Loop is a 3.2-mile urban trail that creates and connects great places in the SouthPark area. This pedestrian-centered initiative will create a healthy, vibrant, colorful, and convenient activity center, featuring a variety of amenity zones, programming, and art.

Private investments will enhance the public realm by connecting destinations and public spaces together, creating a more engaging experience for residents, employees, and visitors in SouthPark.

SouthPark Community Partners is proud to champion this transformational public-private partnership in collaboration with the City of Charlotte.

Map of The Loop
Proposed Loop Alignment

Features of The Loop

  • 14' multi-use path that is accessible to pedestrians and bicycles, connecting key neighborhood centers.
  • Custom wayfinding signage and lighting to create a unique sense of place.
  • Amenity zones with bright benches, trash cans, and bike racks that will amplify the neighborhood's vibrancy.
  • Comfortable seating and activity areas.
  • Colorful, playful public art along the path.

Project Status

Two segments of The Loop have been constructed:

  • 400 feet along Roxborough Parkway Drive connected to The Colony apartments
  • 800 feet on Carnegie Boulevard adjacent to Apex SouthPark


  • Loop-branded crosswalks have been installed at the intersections of Sharon Road and Carnegie Boulevard, Sharon and Fairview Roads, and Carnegie Boulevard and Barclay Downs Drive.

There are currently additional sections of The Loop in active planning. 

Loop Framework Plan

You can learn more about the vision and inspiration for The Loop by reading the Loop Framework Plan, which was created by Kimley-Horn and the City of Charlotte in 2019.




The Loop would not be possible without support from a coalition of government, business, and community leaders.

For More Information

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If you’re interested in Loop-related partnership or sponsorship opportunities, contact Lizzy Sirkin, SCP’s Vice President of Partnerships.