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Cultivating Style and Community in SouthPark

Meet Jermaine Johnson, the SouthPark barber and entrepreneur combining passion and legacy at Knights of the Razor.

Knights of the Razor has been serving styles in SouthPark since 2021

You might not guess that SouthPark business owner Jermaine Johnson had already started perfecting his craft by the time he was just 10 years old. 

Along with his twin brother and co-founder of Knights of the Razor, Damian, Jermaine was eager to assist his mother as she transitioned from being a nurse to a full-time, licensed hairstylist.

“We got a chance to go through the process with her. She groomed hair on Sundays and eventually transitioned to becoming a full-time hairstylist. She was the first person to give us the tools to start practicing,” Jermaine says of his mother, Ann Elizabeth Johnson.

No Grease owners Jermaine (left) and Damian Johnson. Photo: Michael Graff/Axios

Hailing from Buffalo, the Johnson brothers eventually pursued the Queen City after Damian graduated from Johnson C. Smith University and decided not to return to his hometown. After reuniting in Charlotte, the brothers co-founded No Grease, Inc. with a mission to expose good people to other good people and to meet multiple grooming needs in one location with unparalleled quality and efficiency.

Boasting multiple locations around the state, No Grease, Inc. could be considered your one-stop shop for barbering and grooming services with SouthPark’s Knights of the Razor being the elevated version. The luxuriously titled salon is more than an elegant way to refer to barbers — it’s a name inspired by history.

The name comes from a book, Knights of the Razor: Black Barbers in Slavery and Freedom, written by Southern Mississippi Professor Douglas Walter Bristol, Jr. This book examines the historically black industry of barbering and the relationship between black barbers and white customers, with Jermaine explaining the barbers “brought their freedom back to their families through barbering.”

Combining history and culture with sophisticated hair and grooming services, Jermaine and his team are also determined to redefine the value of the human touch to make their services go beyond just a simple transaction.

In terms of choosing the SouthPark area, Jermaine says it offers “the zip code you want,” while also putting you in good company with other powerful brands and businesses.

“It’s a win/win because the area wasn’t known for black businesses, especially one as culturally black as a barber shop,” he says.

When asked about milestones at the SouthPark location, Jermaine and his team were happy to service several international golfers during the Wells Fargo Championship. Jermaine is also excited to continue seeing the community and diversity evolve in SouthPark.

Celebrating No Grease, Inc.’s 27th anniversary this June, Jermaine shared his commitment to donating five scholarships to barber school — something the company does annually.

Knights of the Razor offers standard barber cuts, and you can elevate the experience with straight razor shaves, eyebrow shaping, color, and perm. If you want to make a statement, the Knights of the Razor team has specializations in designer cuts like Mohawks, flattops, and fatbacks, plus you can add hair tattoos like letters, numbers, and images. Check out their full list of services here.


Knights of the Razor barbers have perfected the art of the clippers, and can style clients with anything from a Mohawk to a flattop

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