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Go Booze-Free in SouthPark

Quench your thirst.

SouthPark’s master mixologists use vibrant fruits, aromatic herbs, and local and exotic flavors to concoct refreshing drinks, with and without alcohol. Quench your thirst without booze with sophisticated zero-proof alternatives at these SouthPark sipping spots.

Age Before Beauty non-alcoholic drink at DTR SouthPark

BAR ONE Lounge

BAR ONE Lounge has a 30+ page cocktail list, including 4 mocktails that were curated in-house “as part of [their] ongoing effort to be inclusive and considerate of our neighbors & family in the Queen City.”


If zesty, citrusy drinks are your speed, then you need to try the No-Paloma and an Indian Rose Garden mocktails at Bricktop’s, best paired with their famous crab cakes or sushi.

Dilworth Tasting Room SouthPark

DTR SouthPark has an award winning wine selection, but did you know that they also have a killer cocktail menu? On that menu you'll find 6 zero-proof options in a variety of flavors, from flowery hibiscus to dainty chamomile to sassy citruses. Be sure to visit the restaurant and wine bar every season for alcohol free takes on classic cocktails and experimental sipping experiences. 

Fine & Fettle

From the food to the drinks, Fine & Fettle celebrates regional flavors by infusing their menus with locally sourced ingredients. Their mocktails selections will have you wishing for the summer, including a strawberry-coconut drink called Mock Lobster or the Mockarena, complete with pineapple, jalapeño, and lime.


Sangria lovers, rejoice. Firebirds offers a perky spiritless sangria (thanks to the inclusion of Red Bull), as well as a Blood Orange Mule on their modern American menu.

The Fox & Falcon by David Burke

Find seasonal flavors on the no and low ABV drink menu at The Fox & Falcon.

Mal Pan

Mal Pan uses fresh ingredients and traditional cooking styles to create some of the best Latin food around town, and their attention to detail doesn’t stop with the food. Choose from a selection of 4 mocktails, including virgin margaritas, cucumber coolers, and other floral and citrus options.

Oak Steakhouse

Some steakhouses would say that red wine is the best pairing, but Oak Steakhouse rejects the idea that you need a certain drink to make your meal top notch. Instead, try their Lavender Lemonade or homemade Ginger Beer mocktails.


Peppervine has produced some of the best chefs and mixologists in Charlotte, and their non-alcoholic menu reflects their culinary prowess. From spirit free wines to their Cheervine mocktail, there is something on the drink menu for every palette.

Snooze an A.M. Eatery

Who said that you need a mimosa to make brunch happen? Snooze at Apex offers spirit free drinks that pair perfectly with their classic and experimental breakfast menu options.

Other Interesting Drinks:

  • Discover Spanish flavors at Bulla Gastrobar, including horchata made the traditional way, with Valencian chufa beans.
  • Chez Marie's pastry case is probably calling your name, and while there you can grab a blue matcha tea that is as Instagrammable as it is delicious. Made with delicate butterfly tea, the blue matcha is available in a mug for dine-in or in a cup to enjoy on the go.
  • The Cowfish has a wide selection of milkshakes that can be made with or without alcohol. Try the cookies and cream option, or go for the fruity pebbles milkshake for a colorful twist.
  • Mal Pan chefs pride themselves on the use of traditional cooking techniques, and the spot in Piedmont Town Center always has a rotating list of agua fresca flavors so you can enjoy infused, flavored water based drinks with your meal.
  • There is no shortage of coffee and tea shops in the neighborhood, discover them all.

Find more things to do in SouthPark using the daily events calendar, or explore the 350+ ways to dineshop, and play in the neighborhood.

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